Equiheal Ointment: 4.75oz

Topical ointment for use in horses quickly eliminates bacteria, fungus, and yeast in localized conditions where these factors are present. The patented active ingredients are derived from essential oils that are all-natural and extremely effective. EquiHeal is unique in its ability to eliminate bacterial and fungal skin conditions on contact. It works on a wide spectrum of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms. Because of its unique mode of action, there is no residue for bacteria and fungus to build resistance against. Use for the treatment of thrush, scratches, and white line. May also be applied to skin conditions such as ringworm and minor cuts and scrapes. May aid in limiting inflammation. Contains no alcohol, iodine or steroids. Active Ingredients per 3.75 oz: Proprietary blend (carvacrol, eugenol, thymol, cinnameldahyde, terpinene 4-OL), 5358 mg Vitamin E, 5315 mg Aloe Vera Powder, 270 mg Sesquiterpenoid, 213 mg Inactive Ingredients: Anise oil, beeswax, deionized water, lanolin, olive oil, petrolatum, potassium chloride, propylene glycol, shea butter, sodium chloride, sodium polyphosphate.

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