Domestic Test Freeze Collection

Cost: $600 per collection and freeze.

Length Per Visit: 1 hr

About: Semen collection, evaluation, preservation (freezing.) Frozen semen offers stallion owners the safety net of an “Insurance Policy” and eradicates the need for “On-demand” collections. After completing a number of cleanout collections and a test freeze, the stallion is ready to move forward with cryo-preserving and banking frozen semen doses. The stallion's semen is frozen using a customized protocol developed for each individual stallion. A typical frozen semen dose is packaged in 0.5-ml straws, with eight straws (800 million sperm cells). Although there is tremendous variability between stallions, a typical ejaculate will produce approximately eight insemination doses (>/< 64 straws). If a stallion has commercially acceptable frozen semen one can expect 50 – 55% first cycle and 70 – 80% seasonal pregnancy rates.

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