Elite Equine - Organic Rosehip Powder

Elite Equine is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory and
antioxidant made from 100% organic rosehip powder for horses of
all levels and disciplines. The powder is extracted from the Rosa
Canina plant and is wild harvested by hand in the rich soils of
Lesotho in Southern Africa. Elite Equine contains zero additives or

fillers and is a safe, all-natural option for horses.

Rosehip has been scientifically tested and proven to improve the
general health, protect cartilage, reduce inflammation, and
promote optimal performance in horses. Elite Equine specifically
has been known to alleviate arthritis, reduce swelling and heat in
limbs, quiet clicky joints, help prevent hoof abscesses and relieve
hoof sensitivity, improve dull coats and manes, stimulate digestion,

boost immunity and mood, and more.

Elite Equine is certified with various regulatory bodies, including
the FDA, EU, USDA, BCS-Kiwa, and Rainforest Alliance. Rosehip, or
Rosa Canina, is NOT included as an ingredient on the FEI’s banned
or prohibited substances list and will not test, so Elite Equine is a

great option for horses in competition.

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