Fresh Semen Breeding Package

Cost: $350 per cycle.

Length Per Visit: 3-7 days

About: Cycle management and intrauterine or deep horn insemination of mares with fresh (on site collection) or shipped (cooled, extended and transported) semen. Portions of fresh semen breeding management can be performed off-site, however PEVS recommends breeding management be performed at PEVS prior to and following ovulation. Industry average pregnancy rates for artificial insemination with fresh and cooled semen is between 1.3 to 1.8 cycles per pregnancy. (This is based on a typical stallion with good fertility and average mare with average fertility, note that each horse is unique.)

Our Team Handles: 

  1. Culture, Cytology, Sensitivity
  2. Trans-rectal ultrasonography and palpation management of the cycle of breeding
  3. Administration of an ovulatory induction agent
  4. Oxytocin/PGF₂ₐ injections 
  5. Uterine body or deep-horn insemination with fresh or cool-stored semen
  6. Semen evaluation: sperm motility, sperm concentration
  7. Pregnancy Evaluation

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