Frozen Semen Breeding Package

Cost: $650 per cycle.

Length Per Visit: 5-10 days

About: Frozen semen expands genetic opportunities! Utilize top stallions who are deceased, or competing in sport.  Cycle management and insemination of mares with frozen semen. To optimize success, our Vets use the deep-horn insemination technique for all frozen semen breedings.  Portions of frozen breeding management can be performed off-site, however all breeding management prior to, and following ovulation MUST be performed at PEVS. The industry average for artificial insemination with frozen is > 60% per cycle.  PEVS recommends planning for 2 - 3 cycles to attain pregnancy as frozen semen quality is highly variable.

Our Team Handles: 

  1. Culture, Cytology, Sensitivity
  2. Trans-rectal ultrasonography and palpation management of the cycle of breeding
  3. Administration of ovulation induction agent
  4. Oxytocin/PGF₂ₐ injections 
  5. Deep-horn insemination with frozen semen
  6. Semen evaluation
  7. Uterine Lavage following insemination
  8. Management of Inflammation 

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