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GlycoFlex 3 Mini Bite-Sized Chews for Small Dogs: 60 Count


GlycoFlex 3 Mini Bite-Sized Chews represent Stage 3 of our comprehensive stage of life program for small dogs needing serious joint support.

Can be used in conjunction with NSAIDs.

Green Lipped Mussel is used to maximize the amount of glucosamine per two chews.

Uses These delicious chicken liver flavored bite-sized chews are recommended by veterinarians for small dogs with a maximum need for joint and connective tissue support, geriatric and working small dogs, as well as a follow-up to support normal recovery after orthopedic surgery.

GlycoFlex 3 Mini Bite-Sized Chews offer the same ingredients as our GlycoFlex 3 for larger dogs, but it is properly portioned and balanced for small dogs.