ICSI Enrollment

Cost: $9,900

Length Per Visit: 1hr TVA Session + 3 days Hospital Care (per session)

About: Have a top competition mare that you want to breed but can't commit to time off from training? Or blue hen mare with compromised uterine health or decreasing fertility? Our 10k ICSI Enrollment Package secures breeders with more chances to produce a healthy foal.

Package includes:

1. Up to 3x separate oocyte recovery, maturation, and ICSI sessions for 1x donor mare with the goal of producing one pregnancy. Treatment and Board is Additional.

2. $4,500 in reproduction rebates if no embryos are transferred.

3. One recipient mare pregnancy fee.

4. 45 days of board for 1x Recipient mare.

5. BONUS: reduced pricing for additional pregnancies produced.

Terms Apply: a. Donor may may not be older than 22  years of age, or younger than 2 years of age. b. Frozen semen must be > 35% pms, Fresh semen must be > 50% pms. c. Mare must enter the program with a clean culture and cytology.

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