ICSI Enrollment Booking Fee

Cost: $100 non-refundable

About: This booking fee is non-refundable and guarantees your mare's placement within the program for 30 days. The remaining payment and contract is due within this 30 day window. After 30 days you will be required to re-book each mare. Only 40 packages are available.

For a donor mare to enter the this program, the Donor mare and her selected semen is obliged to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Donor may may not be older than 18 years of age, or younger than 2 years of age.
  • Frozen semen must be > 35% pms, Fresh semen must be > 50% pms.
  • Mare must enter the program with a clean culture and cytology

The benefits of purchasing one of our exclusive packages includes:

  • Up to three rounds of OPU/ICSI/Maturation sessions,
  • Up to three rounds of transfer(s),
  • The 1st recipient mare lease fee,
  • Additional pregnancies are available for purchase at a reduced rate,
  • And if no embryos are produced for transfer $4,500 in rebates can be applied to reproductive services,
  • Insurance information available.

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