iFEED Automatic Horse Feeder Starter Pack

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The iFEED starter pack includes everything needed to get started on the system.

  • 1 iFEED unit.
  • 1 power supply/timer which can operate up to 8 iFEED units.
  • 1 funnel of your choice. (10.5” long polypropylene funnel or 8.5” short polypropylene funnel) * The stainless steel funnel is recommended when the feeder is installed inside the stall. This helps protect the lever at the bottom of the hopper.

When placing an order, please specify which type of stall front the unit will be mounted on. (Vertical bars, horizontal bars, mesh or wood?) This helps us determine the type of hardware needed for proper installation of the iFEED unit.

The unit comes pre-wired with 14 feet of wire unless a different length is specified.


- Automatic feed dispenser for use inside or outside the stall

- Feed your horse from 1 to 720 portions in a 24 hour period

- Set individual feed amounts for each horse

- Completely control when, how often and how much your horse eats

- The horse eats slowly and often, allowing the stomach and salivary glands to digest and absorb feed properly

- Significantly reduce risk of colic and ulcers

- Less stress and agitation during feeding times

- Up to 30% savings in feed

- More flexibility for the owner

- Safe 24 Volt power supply

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