InPrime Joint Gel for Horses 250 ml

What is it?  

A powerful new generation approach for joint health by modifying the  

pathological process that is occurring in the joint. InPrime Equine Gel is  

formulated with a breakthrough scientific technology to create a new kind of  

proactive synovial support to help with everyday mobility in horses.  

When to use it?  

  • Foals/yearlings – Gives great support for younger horses to help them  

prevent joint issues as they advance in age.  

  • Geldings/Mares – Horses that are starting to show signs of osteoarthritis or  

are suffering now should be put on the premium support dosage to help with  

pain management and inflammation reduction.  

  • Post-surgery – To reduce inflammation and pain for quicker recovery.  
  • Pre- and Post-competition – To prepare for the demands of performance at  

competitions and to help recover faster to get back to training quicker.  

  • Daily Supplement– Daily administration is one of the main advantages of  

this product. While injectable products are very good, they do not provide  

the same daily support as InPrime.  

What’s in it?  

Contains a new revolutionary active EPIITALIS®:  

  • Epiitalis has achieved international patents for Cell Proliferation (in an inflamed environment  – disease modifying) and Anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Patented to proliferate chondrocyte cells which actively ‘tips the balance’ back in favor of the  production of healthy cartilage instead of degradation. 
  • Suppress the inflammatory chemicals responsible for poor joint function. 

Benefits of InPrime®  

  • Improves and maintains healthy joints at any stage of life.  
  • Addresses symptoms such as stiffness and lack of willingness to play, jump, or run.  
  • Boosts the body’s ability to meet performance and recuperation demands in athletic, working,  and high-performance horses.  
  • Acts as a prophylaxis to joint-related problems and disease.  
  • Compliments prescription joint pain treatments.  
  • Targets and addresses the cause of joint disease.  
  • All joints benefit from each dose versus injecting all joints  
  • Great palatability – Green apple flavor. 

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