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Microchips (25pk)

PetLink Slim gives pets a silent but effective voice. Unlike a collar with tag or tattoo, a microchip cannot be falsified, removed, torn or chewed off. Each is as small as a thin grain of rice, weighs a fraction of standard glass microchips and contains a permanent ID code that is unique to that animal. PetLink Slim gives you a small needle gauge without compromising read distance. Unlike other microchips, PetLink Slim will meet all of your needs regardless of breed or life stage. From very young to very old, from pocket pets to horses – PetLink Slim is the perfect union of form and function. Our revolutionary, bio-compatible, polymer microchips come preloaded in sterile syringes ready for implantation and are designed for easeof-use. The thin, 14 gauge needle allows for smooth, gentle implantation with minimal penetration force. Our special “No Return Click” syringe offers an added safety feature: it blocks the injector once depressed, stopping the microchip from being sucked back by the piston. Once implantation is complete, separate the needle for easy sharps disposal with your veterinary waste. The remainder of the syringe can be recycled.