What is a Health Certificate?

A Health Certificate is required when traveling, especially if crossing State lines. 


Pricing & Turnaround Time:  **obviously fake, for testing only!!**

 1-5 horses


24 hours

6+ horses


24 hours


Rush is available for a fee

Can be done at the clinic, or on the farm. Farm call fees are distance based and start at $55

To Book:

Book online at bookmyhorse.com or call 803-641-0644

What is Needed:

  1. If you are a new client, fill out this form and call the office to get a credit card on file. 
  2. Submit a Health Certificate Request Form.
  3. Email, text, or drop off current Coggins. (If Coggins was done by PEVS, this is not needed.
  4. Payment must be given before Health Certificate can be released. 
  5. Completed Health Certificate can emailed to you, or printed for pickup in the office (you can choose on the Request Form)



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