Stallion Collection & Shipment

Cost: $250 per collection and evaluation

Length Per Visit: 1 hr

About: Fresh semen collection and processing can be performed with one of several models of artificial vaginas and semen extenders. Semen is often collected from stallions by allowing the stallion to jump a phantom or estrous/ovariectomized tease mare.

The stallion will ejaculate in response to appropriate temperature, pressure, and friction of a well-lubricated AV. Once the stallion has been collected the semen will be extended, counted, and evaluated. A typical breeding dose consists of one billion progressively motile sperm per dose. The ideal dilution rate for chilled semen is within the range of 25 to 50 million spermatozoa per ml, and the total packaged volume is often between 30 to 60 mls. *All shipments will be sent next day FEDEX or UPS.

*Please call or message the office 24hrs in advance to confirm your place on a stallion list.

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