Results Image (above):  Horse fecal sample test result shows a subset of eggs found; results email contains image and EPG results.  Emailed results become a part of the client's permanent medical record.  Veterinarian has in-app option to recommend treatment protocol using dropdown options or customize within the body of the email as preferred.

  • Total test time is less than 5 minutes.  
  • More reliable than traditional McMaster FEC methods.
  • Portable design for stall side or field use.
  • Provides users the flexibility to "walk away" from the system while it processes samples.
  • Provides clients with added confidence in results by providing imaged results.
  • Provides veterinarian the opportunity to recommend appropriate treatment protocol without delay.
  • Utilizes a university proven algorithm to automatically analyze sample. 
  • Identifies and counts strongyle and ascarid parasite eggs.
  • Eliminates manual egg counting thereby reducing user fatigue and subjectivity.