Assure Plus

Type: OTC
Designed to be combined with one of our daily Assure System products, Assure Plus allows for a customized equine digestive supplement regimen.  The patented Assure Plus is one of the only equine psyllium supplements on the market available in a pellet form, allowing for easy feeding and enhanced palatability.  The combination of Assure Plus and Assure Guard was utilized in a clinical research study and proven to address a variety of equine digestive conditions like colic, diarrhea, poor body condition and sand accumulation.

Though routinely associated with sand removal, psyllium is a powerful ingredient with many benefits to the equine digestive tract.  When in its original, flake form, it has an uncanny water binding capacity which creates a soothing, gel-like consistency once in the GI tract that promotes optimal function, mucosal healing and has even been proven to lower blood glucose and insulin concentrations [1].  Arenus’ unique pelleting process ensures Assure Plus’ psyllium retains its ability to function exactly as it would in its original form upon reaching the digestive tract, ensuring your horse receives the full benefit possible. 

Due to its efficacy, Assure Plus continues to be recommended by veterinarians and utilized by clinics nationwide.  By adding Assure Plus to your daily Assure, Assure Hoof or Assure Guard regimen, you ensure your horse receives the best digestive support available - guaranteed.

COLIC ASSURANCE PROGRAM ELIGIBLE PRODUCT! Qualified horses can receive up to $10,000 in colic reimbursement benefits.  Visit link for more info and enrollment application!  LINK HERE

Contents: 15 lb Bucket

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