Elevate W.S. Vitamin E Liquid

Type: OTC

Elevate W.S. is an oral vitamin E supplement for horses of all classes. Elevate is water-soluble solution, and has no known side effects. This product is the ideal solution for horses who have been maintained on diets containing large quantities of stored forages and processed grains. This diet contains lower volumes of vitamin E, which leads the horse to require supplementation.

Elevate Water-Soluble Natural Vitamin E contains a natural, water-soluble, source of vitamin E in minute particles. This form of the vitamin has greater biological activity than synthetic forms of vitamin E, allowing for delivery to the bloodstream. This targets the organs in a more efficient way than water-miscible or oil-based supplements.

The feeding level depends on the type of horse, level of activity, and nutritional and management practices that affect vitamin E needs.


  • Maintenance: 1,000 IU/day
  • Stalled horses or horses maintained on poor pasture: 1,000-2,000 IU/day
  • Intense training: 3,000 IU/day
  • Pregnant and lactating mares: 3,000 IU/day
  • Foals: 3,000 IU/day
  • Amounts over 3000 IU can be safely fed under a veterinarian’s direction.

To determine supplementation by weight – administer daily at the rate of 0.2-0.6 mL per 100 lb (0.4-1.2 mL per 100 kg) of body weight to deliver 1,000-3,000 IU per day.

For best results, Elevate should be fed soon after removal from bottle.

Do not allow Elevate W.S. to sit out of bottle for prolonged periods of time on feed or in oral syringe.

Elevate W.S. should not be mixed into complete feeds and stored for prolonged periods of time.

Store Elevate W.S. at room temperature or under refrigeration. Avoid freezing or excessive heat. Reseal lid during storage. (Administer product shortly after removal from bottle.) Shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture when stored under suitable conditions.

Contents: Vitamin E 500 IU / mL, 8oz Bottle