Equus Psyllium Pellets

Type: OTC

Equus Psyllium Fiber Blend can help aid in the prevention of sand colic or an impaction colic and other types of malabsorption; recommended for all breeds of horses. Recommended use for maintenance, per 1000 pound horse, is 2 scoops (4 oz.) per day for 7 days per month. It is also generally accepted that daily feeding of Equus Psyllium Fiber Blend for a full month is advisable when starting a psyllium program. Recommended by veterinarians worldwide for the support of healthy gut function, the removal of sand from the colon and may help reduce the possibility of sand and impaction colic in horses.

Directions for Use:
A 2 oz. scoop is enclosed.
Feed as a top dress to regular ration with equal amount of bran of feed for palatability. Do not mix with any liquids. This product must remain dry.

Licorice flavor for picky eaters.

Contains 100% Natural Ingredients: No inhibitors; No Sugar; No Chemicals; No Preservatives; No Artificial Flavoring.

Very Palatable; Long Shelf Life.

Ingredients: Psyllium seed husk (this outer coat has a high content of hemicellulose mucilages-which allows for its dramatic absorption of water), wheat mill run, and anise oil.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) 10%, Crude Fat (min) 4%, Crude Fiber (max) 7%, Ash (max) 7%

Contents: 20 lb Bucket (Approximately 80 Servings)

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