Sound Science Nutrition - Flaxseed Oil

Type: OTC

Today's typical horse diet provides up to 18 times more omega-6 than omega-3 fatty acids, which can potentially predispose them to a multitude of health issues. While both omega-3 and omega-6 fats are necessary for the well-being of the horse, the dietary ratio is critical, and it is in their best interest to emulate the natural diet as much as possible. 

Supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids can help to rebalance the fatty acid profile toward that of a natural grazing diet. 


  • GENERAL HEALTH - Cell membrane integrity and function. Allows absorption of fat soluble antioxidants, which, in turn, prevent oxidation of the fats. This symbiosis of fat and antioxidants is also find in the natural equine diet. SKIN AND COAT- Absence of fat in the diet could bring about a brittle and dry hair coat. Absence of 123s could exacerbate itchy, inflamed skin. 123s bolster bloom.
  • WEIGHT AND DIGESTION - Staving off persistent inflammation in the hind-gut, where all nutrients are absorbed, promotes digestion. Calories in fat will help underweight horses, but the amount needed to provide the maximum benefits of omega 3 only bring a few additional calories to the diet that even overweight horses can benefit from Flaxseed oil supplementation.
  • ALLERGIES - 123s support a normal inflammatory response to allergens, whether skin or respiratory. A skewed ratio with more omega 6 could exacerbate the inflammatory response to allergens.
  • REPRODUCTION - Supports stallion function, it helps maintain normal uterine health, supports colostrum quality and the transfer of antibodies to the nursing foal.
  • IMMUNITY - The excessive Omega 6s response to inflammation could suppress the immune system, while omega 3s help maintain healthy immune responses. Boosting response to vaccination. 
  • METABOLIC - Help maintain normal levels of blood glucose. JOINTS AND LIGAMENTS - Help maintain healthy cartilage and normal connective tissue. HOOF - Helps maintain pliability and natural moisture, prevents bacteria and fungi from being absorbed by resisting the absorption of water. MUSCLE - An omega 3 higher fat diet may support normal lactate function, normal glucose metabolism, enhancing exercise tolerance and muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. 

Contents: 30mL Packet, Box of 24 Packets

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