Fullbucket Probiotic Equine Paste

Type: OTC

FullBucket Horse Probiotic Paste is the strongest S. boulardii horse probiotic in US. This product is to be used when horses are showing signs of stress or have been on antibiotics. If your horse is under stress from training, travel, medications, hot feeds or stall stress, improving the horse GI system is the first order to get them back on track and healthy.

Signs of stress in horses:
• Loose or watery stool
• Diarrhea
• Poor hair quality
• Inability to gain weight

Feeding Instructions:

Type of Horse Dosage Frequency Duration
Newborn Foals 4 mL Twice Daily Min. 5 Days
Suckling Foals and Miniatures 10 mL Twice Daily Min. 5 Days
Weanlings and Ponies 16 mL Twice Daily Min. 5 Days
Adult Horses 32.5 mL Twice Daily Min. 5 Days

Adult Horses: 1/3 tube (10 mL) by mouth once daily.

Contents: 32mL Syringe

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