Prime Performance Psyllium Pellets

Type: OTC

Prime Performance Psyllium Pellets - “Palatable Source of Psyllium”

Psyllium pellets provide a source of psyllium, a soluble fiber that can help maintain normal bowel function in horses. Pellets are designed to provide a convenient and easy-to-administer source of psyllium, making it an ideal choice for horses that may require additional support in maintaining their digestive health. 99% high grade soluble fiber-rich psyllium in a palatable blend to be fed in the presence of compaction due to sand ingestion.

Feeding Directions:
4 oz./(112 gm) Daily for 21 days in the presence of compaction. Feed 4 oz/(112
gm) daily for 7 days repeating every three weeks for maintenance. (Enclosed
measure is approx.1oz./28 gm)

Contents: 20 lb Bucket (Approximately 80 Servings)

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