Type: OTC

Equine Restart is an all-in-one daily nutritional supplement designed to maintain weight and improve gut health. It provides a combination of proteins, fats, antioxidants, DFM’s, vitamins, chelated trace minerals, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and probiotics, and it is highly palatable. These key features help provide a supplement for use when a balanced diet isn’t providing ​the results it should. This commonly occurs during stressful periods.

  • Highly palatable formula helps horses maintain body condition and feed efficiency
  • Improves immune system function with vitamins, organic selenium, chelated copper, and zinc
  • Can be mixed into a mash for horses with tooth or dental problems
  • All-in-one product that helps hair and coat condition, hydration, weight gain and conditioning, and immune function
  • Use daily to improve the overall health of underweight horses
  • Provides the gut with beneficial bacteria and improves feed efficiency

During times of digestive stress, horses often need extra help to maintain gut health, or to gain and maintain weight. Equine Restart® provides added energy and nutrients to help provide the proper nutrition needed to support body condition and overall appearance. Equine Restart is a well-balanced product that provides additional health support with omegas, proteins, vitamins, and beneficial bacteria to help maintain feed efficiency and overall health. Packed with easily absorbable proteins, chelated minerals, and beneficial bacteria, Equine Restart is the all-in-one product needed to maintain weight and support gut health.

When to Use:

  • For lactating mares
  • For foals during weaning and during stress
  • For geriatric horses that need to gain weight and aid in digestion
  • For show and sale prep
  • For very active horses
  • To deliver essential nutrients after extreme activity
  • To help smooth the transition to different forage, or when good forage is lacking
  • Great to use post-op

Contents: 15 lb Bucket

*This is a heavy item and does not qualify for free shipping*