What are vaccines?

Vaccine, a term coined in 1796 by Edward Jenner in England, is the process of introducing a microorganism into the body to stimulate the immune system into building a resistance and memory to the foreign invader.

From that point forward, the medical world has sought to develop biological agents (vaccines or immunizations) which will protect both us and our animals from infectious diseases. It is absolutely critical that your horse be vaccinated against several highly infectious and deadly diseases.


Recommended Vaccines:  

Vaccine recommendations are based on your location. Performance Equine Vets is located in the Southern US, and this is what they recommend:

Every year:

  • Rabies

Every 6 months:

  • EWT
  • Flu
  • Rhino
  • West Nile

These are the routine recommendations, and needs might vary based on the horse's lifestyle.


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What is Needed:

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