Succeed Oral Paste

Type: OTC

Succeed Digestive Conditioning Paste for Horses will support your horse’s overall health and performance through digestive wellness. Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program delivers specialized nutrients that target healthy structure and function of the entire digestive system. Unlike other products that mask symptoms or only address one part of the digestive tract, Succeed supports the health of the entire digestive tract - including the stomach and the hindgut. Succeed is a proven option in the treatment and prevention of digestive tract ailments, including gastric and colonic ulcers. You'll see the results in healthier appearance, temperament, and performance. Succeed is also patented for increasing the colostrum immunoglobulin levels in mares. Any horse that is fed intermittently, on a high-grain diet, stalled, is breeding, or used for riding can benefit from the Succeed nutritional program. Administer the entire contents of 1 syringe (27 grams) orally. Feed twice daily during the first week of use; once daily thereafter.

Contents: 27gm / Syringe, 30ct Box (30 Day Supply)

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