Uckele LaminOX

Type: OTC

LaminOX contains key ingredients to support hoof health and growth, maintain hoof pliability, and assist in reducing excessive oxidation that can disrupt normal, healthy hoof growth.

Normal blood flow and circulation support proper weight distribution and movement for a strong, healthy hoof.  A formula specifically targeted for hoof health, LaminOX offers full spectrum support for healthy circulation, metabolic balance, and structural hoof health.

Designed to support healthy vascular function, this hoof supplement features Jiaogulan, an herb that has been found effective for equine circulation and hoof health.  Also contains the amino acid Arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide, which plays an important role in healthy blood flow.

Use at the rate of 25-50 g daily. 1 level scoop = 25 g (scoop included). 3.3 lb. jar = 30-60 day supply

Contents: 3.3 lb Bucket