Vetrolin Green Spot Out

Type: OTC
Vetrolin Green Spot Out removes urine and manure stains quickly and easily so you can get back to riding! Also helps remove wet and dry sweat stains on your hoofed friend’s coat.
Excellent spot cleaner for light-colored coats. Brush out for a high-gloss, show-stopping shine! No rinsing required, so it’s perfect for cold days or when you are short on time.

Banish those unsightly manure and urine stains without bathing your horse with Farnam Green Spot Out Spray-on Dry Clean Horse Shampoo. This spray-on, dry shampoo is perfect for cold weather or when there's no time for bathing your best buddy. Simply spray it on, massage it in, and wipe with a damp towel until the stain is removed. Finish off with a dry towel and brush to bring out that show-stopping, glossy shine. There’s no rinsing required, which makes it fast and easy. This special shampoo is sure to leave your hoofed buddy looking clean and fresh between baths!