Zimecterin Gold

Type: OTC

Zimecterin Gold provides effective treatment and control of the following parasites in horses: tapeworms, large strongyles (adults), small strongyles (adults, including those resistant to some benzimadazole class compounds), small strongyles-fourth-stage larvae, pinworms (adult and fourth-stage larvae), ascarids (adults and third-and-fourth-stage larvae), hairworms (adults), large-mouth stomach worms (adults), bots (oral and gastric stages), lungworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae), intestinal threadworms (adults), summer sores caused by habronema and draschia spp. cutaneous third-stage larvae; dermatitis caused by neck threadworm microfilariae, onchocerca sp. Broad-spectrum control. Kills important internal parasites, including tapeworms, bots and the arterial stages of S. vulgaris, with a single dose. Syringe contains sufficient paste to treat a 1250 lb horse at the recommended dose rate. May be used in horses 2 months of age or older.

Contents: Ivermectin 1.55% / Praziquantel 7.75% / 7.35gm Syringe