Zylkene Equine Powder

Type: OTC

Zylkene Equine is formulated to help reduce chronic and situational stress in horses. Zylkene is an all-natural nutritional supplement derived from milk protein. It contains alpha-casozepine, an ingredient derived from casein, a milk protein with calming properties. Casein is the ingredient in mother’s milk believed to be responsible for the calming effect and relaxation newborns experience after nursing. Provides calming, soothing properties without any sedative side effects.

Directions: Mix the packet with a small amount of food

  • Horses up to 1100 lbs: 1 packet daily
  • Horses over 1100 lbs: 2 packets daily (can be used as a loading dose as well)

Short term stress relief: Administer five days prior to, and through the duration of, the stressful event.

Long term stress relief: For chronic ongoing behavioral problems, Zylkene Equine can be used on a continual basis. The horse’s behavior should be re-evaluated after a 20 day course, ideally with concurrent training and behavioral therapy, and the daily intake modified if necessary. The period of use can be extended after the first course if required.

Contents: Zylkene 2000mg / Packet

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